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The original pieces of the collection, a Seder plate, a matzoh plate and a kiddush cup, were launched before Passover and are currently available in Bloomingdale's and the Jewish Museum of New York City.
In Prague," (a place which she identifies as having deep Jewish meanings for her) "they have beautiful glasswork, so I wanted to bring something home, so I turned this chalice into a kiddush cup.
For instance, Michale Gore will be showing his Venetian glass kiddush cups and mezuzot.
Vivid, brightly colored illustrations decorate the pages of this special Shabbat preparation, while Kayla and Kugel spread out the bright white table cloth, shimmery glittery candlesticks, tasty toasty twisted challahs, and even a jeweled Kiddush cup.
One person feels an invitation to visit a synagogue, perhaps staying for the community Kiddush cup at the conclusion of Shabbat services.
ketubah (a Jewish marriage contract), drinking from a kiddush cup, and the couple stood under a chuppah, or canopy during the ceremony.
Holiday-appropriate cards include such designs as a snowman, bells and holly, a kiddush cup with a Star of David, and a dove with an olive branch.
For example, Nambe's Kiddush cup has been a hit at the museum.
It belonged here in this case alongside ancient ornamental Jewish religious objects -- Torah handles, Kiddush cups and the like -- as much as the gleaming silver a statement about faith.
Of course one expects to see the usual religious objects in a Jewish museum, and they are here: Torah scrolls and their accouterments, ark curtains, Shabbat lamps, Kiddush cups, Havdalah sets, shofarot, an etrog box, Pesach plates, ketubot, a circumcision kit, a chair of Elijah, etc.