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And Annikin (last name: Starkiller) is an overweight, awkward teenager (in the opening, an apprentice to Jedi Kane Starkiller--after Killer Kane in Buck Rogers ) who at one point responds to the death of his brother by wiring the corpse to a detonator and then blowing it up.
As the first rays of the rising sun reached Truk, Killer Kane and his flight of Hellcats swept down on the islands of the atoll.
Through Tillman's colorful narrative, the exploits of Alexander Vraciu, Killer Kane, Dave McCampbell, and other heroes of the battle charge back to life.
is William Peter Blatty's black comedy/horror flick ``Twinkle, Twinkle, Killer Kane.
Just as they are about to leave, word comes that Frank Miller (Madsen), a vicious killer Kane had sent to prison years earlier, is coming to town on the noon train.