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The controller-free interface for the Xbox 360. Announced as Project Natal in 2009 and introduced in November 2010, the Kinect option opens a new world of interaction with the Xbox. It uses a sensor device with motion, face and speech recognition that is placed under the monitor and connected to the Xbox. Players interact by speaking and using hand and body motions. Like Nintendo's popular Wii, people use their body to interact with the game.

Video Kinect (Video Calling)
Video Kinect lets people start up a video call to Windows Live and other Xbox users while sitting in their living rooms. Photo sharing and collaborative applications enhance the video calling session. See Xbox.

Kinect for Windows
After its debut for the Xbox, hackers began to experiment with Kinect for non-gaming purposes. Recognizing the interest and enthusiasm for using Kinect to interact with a computer in new ways, Microsoft introduced the Kinect software development kit for Windows in 2011. It lets developers create apps with Kinect's skeletal tracking and speech recognition features. See Windows Mixed Reality.

Just Steer
With Kinect, players use their hands and body to interact with the game. There are no wired or wireless, handheld controllers. (Image courtesy of Microsoft Corporation.)
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With Kinect, all you have to do is be you -- no controller required.
Kinect uses a 3D camera and soft-ware to let people play games using natural body movements.
Instead Rare is setting up a mock living room where it will test Microsoft's Kinect technology - a revolutionary new way of controlling video games where the player uses their body to interact with the game - jumping, dancing or bowling as the case may be.
I recently bought the Kinect for Dh699 here in Dubai to plug in to my Xbox gaming machine that has essentially been a dust collector since I bought it last year.
Kinect is a motion tracking system that uses a sophisticated sensor to track a users body motions and is also able to respond to voice commands,.
In addition, Kinect Fun Labs, a new hub showcasing the latest Kinect innovations, was unveiled and is available to all Xbox LIVE members starting now.
According to Microsoft, it has created a new "Near Mode" for the PC version of Kinect, suitable for capturing smaller movements more accurately, suitable for working at a desk.
KSS2 has an arcade-feel mixed nicely with a sturdy relationship with the at-times-iffy Kinect.
Although there is the odd fun moment to be had, the shallow gameplay and the sloppy motion controls of Kinect Star Wars will struggle to keep people interested.
Making things see; 3D vision with Kinect, Processing, Arduino, and MakerBot.
I admire this game for wanting to immerse gamers in warfare and let them communicate via Kinect but if the technology doesn't cut it then it's fundamentally not worth the investment of time.
As an innovator, we're always thinking about what is next and how we can push the boundaries of technology like we did with Kinect.