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The controller-free interface for the Xbox 360. Introduced in 2010, the Kinect option opened a new kind of interaction with the Xbox. It uses a sensor for motion, face and speech recognition that connects to the Xbox. Players interact by speaking and using hand and body motions. Like Nintendo's popular Wii, people can use their body to interact with the game. Although its motion sensing was later used in Microsoft's mixed reality platform, Kinect was never very popular, and manufacturing ceased in late 2017 (see Windows Mixed Reality).

Video Calling
Video Kinect lets people start up a video call to Windows Live and other Xbox users. Photo sharing and collaborative apps enhance the call.

Kinect for Windows
After its debut, hackers began experimenting with Kinect for non-gaming purposes. Recognizing the enthusiasm, Microsoft introduced the Kinect software development kit for Windows in 2011. It let developers create apps with Kinect's skeletal tracking and speech recognition features. See Xbox.

Kinect for the iPhone
In 2013, Apple acquired PrimeSense, the Israeli startup that developed the 3D sensor in Kinect. As a result, the depth sensing technology in the Kinect made its way to the iPhone X in 2017.

Just Steer
With Kinect, players use their hands and body to interact with the game. There are no wired or wireless, handheld controllers. Sensors under the monitor detect the motion. (Image courtesy of Microsoft Corporation.)
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In many ways, this development marks the final nail in the coffin for any chance of a Kinect revival in Xbox One's future.
The Kinect was originally created for the Xbox 360 back in November 2010 and has sold nearly 35 million units since then.
Kinect Physical Therapy opened its first office to make a positive impact on the community.
Kinect is pretty much a room scale technology, explained Rick Barraza, design strategy and creative engineering, Partner Catalyst Group, Microsoft.
Microsoft remains committed to Kinect as a development platform on both Xbox and Windows," the company said.
Those availing the Xbox One with Kinect will be able experience a number of games and entertainment experiences exclusive to Xbox including gesture controls, biometric sign-in, controller paring, Skype video calls, instant personalisation, instant scanning of QR codes and enhanced features only available with Kinect in games such as Kinect Sports Rivals, Dead Rising 3 and Project Spark.
It's the most innovative aspect of "Rivals'' -- and hopefully just a glimpse of the true capabilities of Kinect 2.
8221; says Esteban Rubio, President for Auto Kinect, “.
CAPABILITY: The geometric data from the gaming devices Microsoft Kinect or Asus Xtion Pro Live can be acquired to create 3-D models and for 3-D scanning using the app Scenect.
Intended for experienced C# developers, this volume on the Kinect API provides technical information on developing applications with the Microsoft Kinect sensor array originally designed for the Xbox 360 video gaming console system.
THE jury is still very much out on Kinect, so much so that I still get excited to see what new games offer Microsoft's motion and sound sensing camera.
My Xbox: Xbox 360, Kinect, and Xbox LIVE provides step-by-step instructions that links callouts to Xbox photos to offer newcomers instructions on setting up the whole system, from the Xbox 360 to the Kinect sensor, headset and storage.