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(cell and molecular biology)
A genetically autonomous, membrane-bound organelle associated with the basal body at the base of flagella in certain flagellates, such as the trypanosomes. Also known as parabasal body.



a cell organelle; the basal nodule of the cilia of infusoria.

The origin of the kinetoplast is associated with the centriole, an assumption supported by the similarity in ultrastructure of the two organelles. In addition to proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids, the kinetoplast contains DNA and RNA and is capable of the independent biosynthesis of protein and of self-reproduction. Kinetoplasts may give rise to cilia or trichocysts. The tendency to call all basal bodies kinetoplasts is incorrect.

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At this magnification they were seen as an oval body with clear nucleus and sometimes a small kinetoplast.
These round forms are mostly without nucleus or kinetoplast and are devoid of dividing capabilities.
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Amastigot sitoplazmasi icerisinde, arka uca yakin, oldukca buyuk bir nukleus ve ona bitisik bir kinetoplast, bir veya daha fazla vakuol, parabazal cisme yakin nokta seklinde bir bleforablast, blefaroblasttan cikip on ucta sonlanan bir aksonem vardir (8).