King Horn

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King Horn,

probably the earliest English-language romance, written c.1250 and containing about 1,500 lines. It is by an anonymous author and is based on an earlier work in French. Emphasizing action and adventure, the poem relates the story of a heroic Scottish prince's successful fight to regain his kingdom after his expulsion by invaders.


See edition ed. by J. Hall (1901); W. H. French, Essays on King Horn (1940).

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1866 King Horn, Floris and Blaunchefur, The Assumption of our Lady.
One conspicuous example is that both King Horn and the Latin Vita Sancti Ethelberti make use of portentous dreams.
We selected Ethertronics as our newest product supplier for its truly innovative product line," said Frank Ma, chief executive officer of King Horn Enterprises.
Both instances were cited by Hall, note to King Horn, line 153.