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island group, Taiwan: see QuemoyQuemoy
, Chin. Chinmen, Kinmen, or Jinmen, Taiwanese island group (1990 pop. 81,479), Taiwan Strait, just off Fujian prov., China, and c.150 mi (240 km) W of Taiwan.
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Zhang Zhijun, a Chinese official forced to cut short his trip to Taiwan last year after he was pelted with paint by anti-China protesters, will delay a trip to Kinmen planned for Saturday because of the crash, the Taiwan government said.
35am local time from Taipei's downtown Sungshan Airport en route to the outlying Taiwanese-controlled Kinmen islands.
Wednesday's flight had taken off from Taipei's downtown Sungshan Airport en route to the outlying Taiwan-controlled Kinmen islands.
According to the Atomic Energy Council, the country's top nuclear power regulator, several potential host rock areas are being evaluated, including the granite strata of the Taiwan-controlled island groups of Kinmen and Matsu and rock formations in the greater Nan'ao area in southern Yilan county.
The Agreement between Singapore and the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu, on Economic Partnership (ASTEP) covers areas such as trade in goods, trade in services, investment, dispute settlement, e-commerce, government procurement and customs procedures.
Following a consensus reached between Taiwan and China in June, Taiwan's outlying Kinmen islands will begin importing water from mainland China, resolving long-term water shortages in the islands but raising security issues at home.
In April 2013, Kuodeng Construction started construction work on the long-stalled Kinmen Bridge, which will link Kinmen Island and Lieyu County in Taiwan.
Travel Business Review-February 21, 2013--Taiwan authorities could open up Kinmen Islands to tourists(C)2013] ENPublishing - http://www.
Ltd, with Chunghwa Telecom to construct the Taiwan Penghu Kinmen Matsu No.
a private financial holding company in Taiwan, recently opened a bank branch in Kinmen, an offshore island of Taiwan, and a leasing branch in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China.
China: China s chief Taiwan negotiator will travel this month to a former Cold War battleground, Taipei-held Kinmen island off the mainland, a Taiwanese official said Wednesday, in a sign of improving ties.