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a city, center of Kirillov Raion, Vologda Oblast, RSFSR. It is located on Lakes Siverskoe and Dolgoe, 8 km from the landing of Goritsy (on the Volga-Baltic Waterway) and 100 km northeast of the Cherepovets railroad station.

The city was founded in the 14th century around Kirillo-Belozerskii Monastery as a sloboda (tax-exempt settlement) belonging to the monastery. In 1775 the sloboda was made a city. Beginning in 1776, Kirillov was made an administrative center of a district.

The modern city has a creamery and a cultural educational school. The Historical-Architectural and Art Open-air Museum is located on the territory of the former Kirillo-Belozerskii Monastery. A branch of the museum is also located on the site of the former Ferapontov Monastery in the village of Ferapontovo, Kirillov Raion.


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Kirillov and Reshetikhin [6] have attached to [delta] an infinite system of algebraic equations called a Q-system, with unknowns [Q.
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In Demons, Alexei Kirillov meanwhile unfolds a still more radical brand of nihilism based not merely upon indifference toward one's natural inferiors, as in Raskolnikov's thinking, but toward one's very self.
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