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a city, center of Kirillov Raion, Vologda Oblast, RSFSR. It is located on Lakes Siverskoe and Dolgoe, 8 km from the landing of Goritsy (on the Volga-Baltic Waterway) and 100 km northeast of the Cherepovets railroad station.

The city was founded in the 14th century around Kirillo-Belozerskii Monastery as a sloboda (tax-exempt settlement) belonging to the monastery. In 1775 the sloboda was made a city. Beginning in 1776, Kirillov was made an administrative center of a district.

The modern city has a creamery and a cultural educational school. The Historical-Architectural and Art Open-air Museum is located on the territory of the former Kirillo-Belozerskii Monastery. A branch of the museum is also located on the site of the former Ferapontov Monastery in the village of Ferapontovo, Kirillov Raion.


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TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian forces have discovered and dismantled two chemical weapons facilities in regions previously controlled by the terrorists in Syria, Head of the Russian military's branch for protection from chemical weapons Major General Igor Kirillov said.
In [4] and [5], Fomin and Kirillov introduced [beta]-Grothendieck polynomials in the framework of Yang-Baxter equations together with their combinatorial formula and showed that they coincide with the ones defined by Lascoux and Schutzenberger with the specialization [beta] = - 1.
The following dialogue of Kirillov with a secondary personage, who wishes to gain from Kirillov's death, provides us with con text for the suicide:
Here it should be mentioned that Bolotin and Zhinzher [20] and Herrmann and Jong [21] noticed the importance of the ratio between internal and external damping, and, recently, Kirillov and Seyranian [22] demonstrated this dependence of damped flutter loads on the damping ratio in an analytical form.
En nombre de nuestro amanecer--escribio el poeta Kirillov en 1918--quemaremos los Raphaeles, destruiremos los museos, pisotearemos las flores del arte.
Echoing the Christian belief in the timelessness that is to come, Kirillov, the suicidal nihilist in the novel, states that "When all mankind attains happiness then there will be no more time, for there'll be no need of it .
The blue demon appears in a scene from the Apocalypse, "the devil places his mark on the foreheads of people," in the Cathedral of the Dormition at the Kirillov-Belozerskii Monastery, north wall of the North Gallery, left window detail, photographed 1 April 2001 (see William Craft Brumfield, Kirillov Ferapontovo [Moscow: Tri kvadrata, 2009], 89).
The fighter, from Belfast's Shankill Road, defends his recently acquired title against Russia's former IBF world champion Dmitry Kirillov in a 10-round contest.
The story was to be based on the history of a non-commissioned gendarme officer Prokofy Kirillov, who visited Yasnaya Polyana in May 1896 and sent three letters to Tolstoy in 1896-97.
Kirillov and Reshetikhin [6] have attached to [delta] an infinite system of algebraic equations called a Q-system, with unknowns [Q.