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Our due diligence will show investors in Kirin International Holding, Inc.
When Jai snorts the devil's dandruff before a corporate meeting, Kirin is impressed as his narcotics-fuelled confidence convinces an important buyer to open his chequebook.
When Jai snorts the devil's dandruff before a meeting, Kirin is impressed as his confidence convinces an important buyer to open his chequebook.
The robust earnings led Kirin to raise dividend for the year to 29 yen per share from 27 yen in the previous year.
Kirin Pharma and Terumo have a history of business collaboration, including the joint R&D of prefilled syringe preparations, and recognized the need to forge an even stronger partnership in their efforts by expanding in the future into a more diverse and wider range of business operations in the fields of pharmaceutical products and medical equipments.
This CD40 antagonistic mAb was discovered by Kirin and shows strong immunosuppressive activity in preclinical studies.
Adds Marketing of Kirin Brands in New Licensing Agreement
Shire Pharmaceuticals Group plc (Nasdaq: SHPGY; LSE: SHP; TSX: SHQ), Basingstoke, England, has been signed an agreement with a leading haematology specialty company, the Pharmaceutical Division of Kirin Brewery Company Ltd, granting the rights to develop, register, formulate, package, label, market and sell AGRYLIN (anagrelide hydrochloride) in Japan, the world's second largest pharmaceuticals market.
The Kirin Plaza Osaka, located in the heart of the city just north of the infamous Ebisubashi bridge (from which Hanshin Tigers fans plunge into the murky Dotombori canal), was designed by prize winning architect Shin Takamatsu and erected in 1987.
Lion Nathan, New Zealand's largest brewer and owner of some of Australia's best-known beers such as Hahn, Tooheys and XXXX, says it's keen to brew for Kirin Brewery in China.
Kirin Brewery of America is bringing back the old Godzilla to highlight Kirin's status as the rampaging reptile's official beer for his new film.
In the May Nature Biotechnology, Keiji Kondo and his colleagues at the Kirin Brewery Co.