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a city in Tambov Oblast, RSFSR, on the Pursovka River at its confluence with the Vorona River. Railroad station on the Tambov-Saratov line, 95 km east of Tambov. Population, 22,000 (1970).

Kirsanov was founded in the 18th century on the site of the Krasinskii Iron Works. Peasants were settled at the factory, the first being Kirsan Zubakhin, after whom the settlement was named. In 1733 the factory was shut down and the settlement was placed under palace administration. In 1779 the village was made an administrative center of a district of the Tambov Namestnichestvo (vicegerency) and in 1796, of Tambov province.

The modern city has a sugar plant, a textile machine-building plant, an auto-repair plant, a creamery, flour-milling and poultry combines, a cannery, and a garment factory. Educational institutions include an aviation technology school, a sovkhoz-technicum, and a veterinary technicum. There is also a museum of local lore in the city.

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Voting will take place in seven cities in the region - Tambov, Kotovsk, Rasskazovo, Uvarovo, Michurinsk, Morshansk and Kirsanov.
In Fathers and Children, it is Pavel Petrovich Kirsanov, a man of the 1840s, who is in the process of becoming obsolete, whereas the old princess, the aunt of Madame Odintsova, "is a caricaturistic copy of Pushkin's Countess in 'The Queen of Spades' " (241), a mere historical type without human depth.
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IMDb also reported that "Shelter" will feature other stars including Grace Gummer (Julie Gelineau), Camryn Manheim (Sam Barton), Annie Wersching (Femi Dodd), Ryan Carlberg (Billy), Tommy Dickie (Underling), Sergio Harford (Marcus Dawkins), Eme Ikwuakor (Black Ops Commander), Andrew Kirsanov (Sergei), Raymond Mamrak (Black Ops Soldier), Sydelle Noel (Deputy M), Costa Ronin (Anton) and Anzu Lawson (voice).
The most significant works that presented the first info of Neogene valley network configuration, the age of the corresponding constituent valley sediments and morphology were the studies conducted by Kirsanov N.
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This manual by developer and graphic designer Kirsanov reveals the application's inner workings, taking the reader from basic drawing techniques through using Inkscape's most powerful features to create animations and technical and artistic drawings.
De los objetivos conceptuales y actitudinales (percepcion y reflexion) conseguidos, cabe destacar los poemas de Semion Kirsanov y del propio Alberto que han sido de especial interes para las alumnas acerca de la imaginacion y de la duda existencial del artista creador, asi como las reflexiones filosoficas de Chillida sobre el espacio y el tiempo y las de Joan Miro en torno a la mujer y el arte.
We need to form a patriotic outlook," said school director Vladimir Kirsanov, resplendent in uniform, and sitting under religious icons, as well as a portrait of Putin.
Thus the company is implementing its main strategy of focusing on production of two types of products--ice cream for children and teenagers, and premium items for adults, said Viktor Kirsanov, director general of Rekondor.