Kit-Cat Club

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Kit-Cat Club,

London political and literary club, active c.1700–1720. The membership of some four dozen included leading Whig politicians and London's best young writers. Among them were Charles Seymour, 6th duke of Somerset; Sir Robert Walpole; Thomas Pelham-Holles, duke of Newcastle; William Congreve; Joseph Addison; Sir Richard Steele; and Sir Godfrey KnellerKneller, Sir Godfrey
or Gottfried von Kniller
, 1646–1723, English portrait painter, b. Germany. After study in Amsterdam, Rome, and Venice, he settled in England in 1675, achieving success in fashionable circles and at court, where he was named principal painter
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, who did portraits of the members. The club was the center of opposition during Queen Anne's Tory ministry (1710–14).
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JOE turned the Strictly ballroom into the Kit Kat Club of 1930s Berlin by taking one of the most challenging dances - the samba - and absolutely smashing it.
At the heart of this gorgeous show, directed efficiently by Rufus Norris, is the notorious Kit Kat Club, where you can get what you want if you have the money.
After his playing career, the ex-Northern Ireland international settled in Lindley and he became steward at Lindley WMC - known as the Kit Kat Club - for 25 years.
There's certainly a trippy, dreamy, poetic quality to the action, under director Serdar Bilis, in a production that has hints of Sondheim, Cabaret's Kit Kat Club, Moulin Rouge and a little urban Lord of the Flies.
The show is set in 1931 Berlin, Germany and tells the story of squalid cabaret nightlife at the Kit Kat Club when the Nazis began rising to power.
Set in the infamous Kit Kat club, Will Young and the cast take us behind the scenes where anything was possible - and more than likely probable - it is a decadent society which could not survive and the rise of Hitler ensured it didn''''t.
The popular musical is set during the Weimar period in Berlin in 1931, with lead characters Emcee and Sally Bowles performing at the decadent Kit Kat Club.
It will be interesting to see how clean-cut Young plays the seedy Emcee as he oversees the action at the decadent Kit Kat Club in Berlin, circa 1931.
The Kit Kat Club has fallen on hard times and the popularity of cabaret is dying.
Set in 1931 Berlin, the musical begins at the seedy Kit Kat Club, where the emcee bids his patrons "Willkommen.
he shouts when seeking an audience response - and then into the tale of early 1930s Berlin based around the naughty Kit Kat Club.
Wayne Sleep as the Emcee, teasing and louche in The Kit Kat Club, does his best to get us going with his German accent and his flashes of fancy footwork.