(Book), a central publishing house of the State Committee on Publishing, Printing, and the Book Trade of the USSR Council of Ministers. It is located in Moscow and since 1964 has been bringing out books dealing with book science, publishing, the book trade, printing, library science, and the theory of bibliography, as well as state, research, and recommended bibliographies.

In 1972 the publishing house issued 33 periodical publications, including the journals V mire knig and Poligrafiia, the collections Sovetskaia bibliografiia and Letopisi Vsesoiuznoi knizhnoi palaty, and the newspaper Knizhnoe obozrenie. It also issues catalog and annotation cards. Among its publications are Ezhegodnik knigi SSSR, the collections Péchât’ SSSR v 79 ... godu, Kniga: Issledovaniia i materialy, and Iskusstvo knigi. Its serial publications include Deiateli knigi and Sud’by knig.

In 1972, Kniga published 289 books and pamphlets totaling 3 million copies, 556 issues of periodical publications (10.9 million copies), and 70 other publications (500,000 copies), as well as catalog and annotation cards for 270,600 titles (425.5 million copies). The total printed output, excluding the newspaper Knizhnoe Obozrenie, is 71.4 million printed sheets.


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As genitive attribute it occurs in nominal phrases as student-len kniga jez (student-GEN book-3SG) 'student's book', korka-len l'ipet-ez 'the roof of the house'; in phrases with latter -(e)m-participle and following personal suffix as pijas-len verask-em-ez (boy-GEN speak-PARRT-3SG) 'boy's speaking', tin-ad kirza-m-ed (you-GEN sing-PART-2SG) 'your singing'; and in other phrases with noun-like components as kion vuz-em-len matekt-em-ez (wolf-NOM howl-PART-GEN approach-PART-3SG) 'approaching of wolf's howling'.