Knights of Columbus

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Knights of Columbus,

American Roman Catholic society for men, founded (1882) at New Haven, Conn. (where its headquarters are still located), by Father Michael J. McGivney. Its mission is to encourage fraternity and benevolence among its members, to promote tolerance, to encourage civic loyalty, and to protect the interests of the Roman Catholic Church.
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This transaction leverages both QIC and KoFC s unique positions as sophisticated Government-owned investors and reinforces QIC s capabilities as a leading direct investor in the Queensland and Australian economies.
The government has a close relationship with KoFC through its supervision
Four years ago, the government established KoFC to strengthen financing for companies.
However, KoFC's ratings may be reviewed if there are any material changes in the solvency language as a result of the government's plan to re-merge KoFC with KDB by July 2014.
Whether the merger of KDB and KoFC boosts efficiency or not, the FSC may face criticism for flip-flopping as it reorganizes state-run financial agencies after just four years.
We had already consulted with the KoFC to receive the loans for a long time before Kim joined Park's campaign team late last year.
The rating of KoFC benefits from solid direct support from its sole shareholder, the Korean government, in the form of state guarantees and capital aid.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 1, 2011--S Korean KoFC gets A-1 rating from S&P for euro commercial paper(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
We consider KoFC an important arm of the government for the implementation of its policy agendas, despite the corporation's status as a relatively new entity," Moody's analyst Youngil Choi said.
KEXIM, IBK, KoFC, and KHFC benefit from their individual charters, which hold the government legally responsible for replenishing deficits if their reserves are insufficient to cover their annual losses.
Based on the KEPCO Act, the Public Institutions Management Act and the Electricity Industry Act, (a) KEPCO's electricity operations are instructed and supervised by GOK (the Ministry of Knowledge Economy); (b) GOK is obliged to own at least 51% of KEPCO's share capital (GOK, together with its fully-owned KoFC, possessed 51.
The South Korean government also set up KoFC at the same time by transferring some of KDB's assets and liabilities (mostly industrial finance bonds issued by KDB) to KoFC's balance sheet.