(pseudonym of Sogomon Gevorkovich Sogomonian). Born Sept. 26 (Oct. 8), 1869, in the town of Kutina, Turkey; died Oct. 22, 1935, Paris. Armenian composer, scholar, choral conductor, and public figure.

Komitas graduated from the Echmiadzin Theological Academy in 1893. From 1896 to 1899 he studied music history and theory in Berlin. He began living in Echmiadzin in 1899, directing the music courses and choir of the academy. Because of a conflict with conservative church circles, he moved to Constantinople in 1910. Komitas lived in Paris from 1919. During the last years of his life he suffered from a serious mental disease. In 1936 his remains were transported from Paris and buried in Yerevan.

Komitas was a classic Armenian composer, a master of choral polyphony, and a founder of Armenian ethnological scholarship. A collector and researcher of folk songs, he compiled collections that incude typical examples of the centuries-old creative work of the Armenian people. His articles made innovations in the methodology of the study of folklore. As a singer, choral director, and lecturer he spread the knowledge of Armenian folk music in Transcaucasia and in the Western European countries, where he delivered papers at international music congresses.

Most of Komitas’ vividly national original work is vocal music. Based on adaptations of folk material, it is among the most original classical music of the 20th century. Komitas’ work contributed to the development of a national school of composition. In 1925 a quartet was named after him, and in 1948 the Yerevan Conservatory was renamed after him.


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KOMITAS (1869-1935) was a poet, priest, singer, and composer whose music ushered in contemporary classical music in Armenia and influenced composers like Claude Debussy.
This year, Sargis graduated from the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory and became the winner of the Prize of the President of Armenia.
She studied at the Komitas State Conservatoire in Yerevan under the famous soprano, Professor Gohar Gasparian, obtaining the Master Diploma with distinction.
The couple proposed their project to Armenia's Ministry of Culture, which approved it in 2016, providing a venue (the prestigious Paronian Theater), publicity, sets and costumes designed by the Teryan Cultural Centre, basso Andranik Malkhasyan as Gregory, the Spendiarian Music School children's chorus, singing students from the Komitas Conservatory, and the State Chamber Music Orchestra of Armenia conducted by Harutiun Arzoumanian--but, alas, no money.
These loose-limbed, strongly ambient pieces are interspersed with slightly more formal, structured interpretations of Komitas, the Armenian priest / composer.
Armentel" company (Beeline brand) has opened a new sales and services office at Komitas Avenue 26.
Komitas studied music in Berlin from 1896-99 and he's credited with making use of this training to build a national music tradition.
Turkish musician Marc Sinan, who received the German Commission for UNESCO "Welthorizont" special prize in 2011, directed a music-theatre tribute to Armenian composer Komitas on April 17, 18 and 24 with a cross-cultural team that included musicians Oy-uz BE-yE-kberber, Maria Schneider, Ayumi Paul, Sascha Friedl, Johannes Lauer, costumes by Isabel Vollrath, set design by Filip Zorzor, and libretto by Sesede Terziyan and Holger Kuhla.
Manjelikian was born in Armenia and graduated from Komitas State Conservatory of Yerevan.
5 million victims of genocide at the statue of the Reverend Father Komitas.
After the initial relief efforts of temporary housing, after 2012 Lina Hallajian (Personal Interview, 13th of May, 2014) points out that there were projects that brought together the Ministry of Diaspora, the Centre for Coordination of Syrian-Armenian Issues, the UNHCR, the Armenian General Benevolent Society and several implementing agencies like Mission Armenia, The Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization, Foundation Komitas Action Suisse-Armenie and others, focusing on providing rental subsidies for Syrian-Armenians.

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