Krasnyi Bogatyr Moscow Production Association

Krasnyi Bogatyr’ Moscow Production Association


a production association for rubber and rubber-impregnated textile footwear such as boots, galoshes, and overshoes, as well as molded and nonmolded articles. The association was formed in 1972, and the Krasnyi Bogatyr’ (Red Knight) Plant in Moscow became its main facility. The Kondrakovo plant in Vladimir Oblast and the Maloiaroslavets, Sobolevka, and Khvastovichi plants in Kaluga Oblast became production divisions.

The main plant was founded in 1887 and began to produce galoshes in 1891. In 1901 the plant’s workers organized a strike to protest their cruel exploitation and gained some concessions from the management. In 1905 combat detachments from the plant joined those from the Moscow-Kazan Railroad on the barricades near the Kazan Terminal in Moscow. A Bolshevik organization was created at the plant in June 1917. After the October Revolution of 1917 the plant was reequipped, and in 1923 it was given the name Krasnyi Bogatyr’.

Conveyer line production was set up in 1927. At the end of the 1950’s, conveyers with fixed lasts were used, significantly improving working conditions and increasing labor productivity. In 1971 a new production process was introduced for manufacturing footwear by pressure casting from polyvinyl chloride compositions; development of a method of liquid molding using polyurethanes was also begun.

In 1973 the association’s enterprises produced some 31 million pairs of rubber footwear, including 25.6 million pairs manufactured at the main plant. The introduction of new production processes is being carried out in close liaison with the Scientific Research Institute for Rubber and Latex Products. The Krasnyi Bogatyr’ Plant was awarded the Order of Lenin in 1971.