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(kŭr`kônôshĕ), Ger. Riesengebirge, Pol. Karkonosze, highest range of the Sudetes, extending c.25 mi (40 km) along the border of N Czech Republic and SW Poland. Its highest peak, Snĕžka (Ger. Schneekoppe, Pol. Śnieźka), rises to 5,258 ft (1,603 m). Paper and textile mills, which use the range's waterpower, are found on both sides of the border. There are numerous resorts and spas in the mountains; the most notable is Janské Láznĕ, Czech Republic. A national park (est. 1963) straddles the international border. The Labe (Elbe) River rises in the Krkonoše.
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The highest permeability for 5 MPa of confining pressure is shown by the specimens from Krkonose Jizera pluton (more than [10.
First, haplotype Cz-OD5 was shared by four individuals (three of them from identical Krkonose locality (Cz-OD) one from the disjunct Rhon Mts.
Tenders are invited for PROTECTION OF PERSONS AND PROPERTY WITH LAND cleaning services in the Krkonose CENTER FOR WASTE MANAGEMENT tendon - Kostrzyca
In the Czech Republic's Krkonose Mountains, Buddy attempts to ski uphill using jet power.
In this second instalment, Buddy goes flying off a ramp using an enginepowered glider, and also uses jet propulsion to ski uphill on a trip to the Czech Republic's Krkonose Mountains.
Across the region, the official death toll rose to 11 as Czech emergency services recovered the body of a man from the swollen Male Labe river in the northern Krkonose mountain range, near the border with Poland.
Partly owing to the experience gained from his travels at the beginning of his career as a teacher and musician, and partly through the at the time common borrowings and copies of entire music archives between teachers-bandmasters, Hard enriched the cultural life of a small town in the Krkonose mountains region with contemporary European trends, especially landler-type dances in the case of utility music.
Altitudinal distribution limit of the tick Ixodes ricinus shifted considerably towards higher altitudes in central Europe: results of three years monitoring in the Krkonose Mts.
The pubcaster's "Panorama" program, which airs live morning footage of Czech landscapes plus weather conditions, stunned audiences recently when, instead of East Bohemia's Krkonose Mountains, they saw footage of an atomic bomb blast.
Yesterday was the hardest day of the trip as the cyclists passed over the Czech border into Poland and began climbing the Orlicke Hory mountains and the Krkonose ( otherwise known as the Giant Mountains.
In Central Europe it is known only from the peat bogs in Harz, Germany, situated at the highest elevations (Wiehle 1965); in the Czech Republic on hilltops in the Krkonose Mountains (2 specimens) and on lower margin of frozen scree slopes (243 specimens).
In the recent period the area of interest was enlarged by western part of the Krkonose Mts.