Kundt, August Adolph Eduard Eberhard

Kundt, August Adolph Eduard Eberhard


Born Nov. 18, 1839, in Schwerin; died May 21, 1894, in Isaelsdorf, near Lübeck. German physicist.

Kundt graduated from the University of Berlin in 1864. He was a professor in Zürich (1868), Würzburg (1870), Strasbourg (1872), and Berlin (1888).

Kundt developed an original method for measuring the velocity of sound in solids and gases. In 1870–71 he empirically established the general laws governing anomalous dispersion of light. In 1888 he was the first to determine the refractive index of light in metals. Kundt also conducted research on the internal friction and thermal conductivity of gases, double refraction in liquids, and piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties of crystals. He founded a school of experimental physicists in Strasbourg.


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