see QostanayQostanay,
or Kustanay
, city (1993 est. pop. 228,000), N Kazakhstan, on the Tobol River. It is an agricultural center and producer of chemical fibers. Rich iron deposits are nearby at Rudnyy.
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, Kazakhstan.
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Counting on support from at least some of the local ethnic Russians, Moscow could seek to annex the territories around Petropavlovsk and Kustanay in the north or the territory around Ust-Kamenogorsk in the northeast.
In 1869-1879 the Orenburg Cossacks to the west founded the forts of Aktubinsk and Kustanay, which are now Kazakh cities.
To move from the natrosilite just a few doors down the hallway of the Executive Inn was to trade rarity for beauty: Konstantin Buslovich (Smolikova 900, Ruzyne, Prague, 16100 Czech Republic) had brought to Tucson some outstanding pyrite crystals discovered last summer in the Karzamkul iron deposit, 110 km south of Kustanay, northern Kazakhstan.
One would be in the Pavlodar region where plans have existed for constructing a plant based on the Kustanay bauxite deposits since the 1960s and the other would be in the Ekibastuz region where there are large sub-bituminous coal mines.
The crystals are associated with a member of the chlorite group and are from the Karzemkkul deposit, Kustanay Oblast, Kazakhstan.
Thus the mineralogically important Kazakh Oblast' of Kustanay also refers to Qostanay.