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see KachchhKachchh,
or Cutch
, district (1991 pop. 1,252,507), 17,000 sq mi (44,030 sq km), Gujarat state, W India, bounded on the N by Pakistan. It is largely barren except for a fertile band along the Gulf of Kachchh in the Arabian Sea.
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see catechucatechu
or cutch,
extract from the heartwood of Acacia catechu, a leguminous tree of the pulse family, native to India and Myanmar. Catechu is a fast brown dye used for various shades of brown and olive, including the familiar khaki, and also in tanning.
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Tannin extracted from mangrove bark.


, Cutch
1. a former state of W India, on the Gulf of Kutch (an inlet of the Arabian Sea): part of Gujarat state since 1960
2. Rann of. an extensive salt waste in W central India, and S Pakistan: consists of the Great Rann in the north and the Little Rann in the southeast; seasonal alternation between marsh and desert; some saltworks. In 1968 an international tribunal awarded about 10 per cent of the border area to Pakistan. Area: 23 000 sq. km (9000 sq. miles)
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The cargo was believed to be spare parts for manufacturing missiles and a nuclear reactor and was unloaded after the intervention of Border Security Force personnel in the port in the Kutch district of Gujarat Province.
Tenders are invited for Hiring of taxi/inspection vehicle for BFC II CPWD Bhuj in connection with Construction of 509 BOP for BSF along Indo Bangladesh and Indo -Pak border in Gujarat sector Providing taxi service on hire basis with Tata Sumo/Qualis Mahindra Xylo /Mahindra Scorpio/ Bolero or equivalent for 12 hours (average duty) per day, the taxi to be operated in Kutch district as per direction of
Those slinging mud on us will help the 'lotus' bloom even more," he said, while addressing a rally in Bhuj of Gujarat's Kutch district.
NOTWITHSTANDING Indian Meteorological Department's ( IMD) latest projections that Cyclone Nilofar would have a reduced intensity of some 90 km by the time it makes the expected landfall on Naliya coast in Kutch district in Gujarat, industrial installations worth about ` 70,000 crore in the region have been asked to suspend all activities at least 12 hours before the cyclone hits the coast.
Jet Airways is introducing a new flight from Muscat to Bhuj, the administrative capital of Kutch district in Gujarat from October 28.
JAMANGAR (GUJ), December 06, 2011 (Frontier Star): Five Pakistani nationals have been apprehended, along with their boat from the Arabian Sea near Jhaku coast in Kutch district of Gujarat, Indian Coast Guard officials said here on Thursday.
They also inaugurated through video link, the Centre of Excellence for date palms at Kukama in Kutch district.
It's all happening in the towns of Kutch district where women are raiding the manufacturing units of country liquor.
The project, sited in the Kutch district, would be commissioned by the third quarter of 2018.
Addressing a rally in Bhuj of Gujarat's Kutch district, the prime minister said, "A Pakistani court released a Pakistani terrorist and the Congress is celebrating and calling it our failure.
When Gujarat was struck by an earthquake in 2001, Khattar toiled hard in the Kutch district.