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, group of Native North Americans who in the 18th cent. occupied the so-called Kootenai country (i.e., N Montana, N Idaho, and SE British Columbia). Their language is thought by some scholars to form a branch of the Algonquian-Wakashan linguistic stock, although others
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The Kutenai Art Therapy Institute is a private postsecondary school with a diploma program that began in 1995.
The reverse pattern leads to an inverse form (see the Kutenai examples above).
Another telling contrast between the inverse and the passive in the treatment of an agent is seen in the following Kutenai examples (from Dryer 1994):
There are seven communities within the Ktunaxa Nation -- the Columbia Lake Indian Band, Kutenai Tribe of Idaho, Lower Kootenay Indian Band, Salish/Kootenai/Flathead Indian Reservation, Shuswap Indian Band, St.
The Native people divide into two principal linguistic divisions, the Salishan in the north and the Sahaptian speaking peoples of the south; with a few Athabascans, Chinookians and the Kutenai.
An example of such influence I discussed in my interviews was how firearms traded to the Blackfoot altered their interactions with the Shoshone, the Kutenai, and the Flathead.
The two smallest and weakest language groups, Kutenai and Tlingit, have mother tongue populations of only 120 and 145 respectively.
1] "The Upper Kutenai made their bow preferably of wild cherry not only because it was common but because of its great strength.
Other Indian customers include Flathead, Kutenai, Pend Oreille, Blackfeet, Rocky Boy Cree, Shoshone & Canadian tribes ie; Cree, Blackfoot & Sarsi.