Kutrzeba, Stanislaw

Kutrzeba, Stanisław


Born Nov. 15, 1876, in Kraków; died there Jan. 7, 1946. Polish historian. Son of an artisan.

In 1898, Kutrzeba graduated from the law faculty of the Jagellonian University, becoming a professor of the history of Polish law there in 1908. In 1901 he began working in the Polish Academy of Sciences (Polska Akademia Umiejętnošci), becoming its president in 1939. Kutrzeba’s scholarly research was primarily devoted to the history of the Polish state and law, for example, his comprehensive Studies in the History of the Polish State and Social Structure (vols. 1–4; Russian translation, vol. 1, 1907), his History of the Sources of Old Polish Law (vols. 1–2, 1925–26), and his publications of source materials, such as the Documents on the Union of Poland and Lithuania (1932). Kutrzeba also wrote on the history of cities and trade during the Middle Ages and on contemporary history.


For a bibliography of Kutrzeba’s works see the book Studia historyczne ku czci St. Kutrzeby, vol. 1. Kraków, 1938.