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a Peninsula in northeastern China; the southwestern tip of the Laotung Peninsula. Area, about 3,500 sq km. The relief is mostly hilly, with individual ridges of up to 663 m. The shores are very jagged, and bays (Kwantung, Talienwan) and harbors are plentiful. The ice-free ports of Dairen (Dal’nii) and Lüshum (Port Arthur) are located on Kwantung.

Kwantung was conquered by the Han Dynasty in the second century B.C. For a long time (until the seventh century A.D.) it was part of the state of Koguryo, and from the eighth through the 12th centuries it belonged to various states that existed on the territory of Manchuria and northern China. In the 13th through the 15th centuries it belonged to the Yuan and Ming empires, and in the 16th century it was conquered by the Manchus, who established their rule throughout China in the mid-17th century. Under the Treaty of Shimonoseki (1895), Kwantung was ceded to Japan but was soon returned to China under pressure from Russia, France, and Germany. In 1898, under a convention that Russia concluded with China, the territory of Kwantung was leased to Russia for 25 years. After the Russo-Japanese War of 1904–05, under the Treaty of Portsmouth (1905). the leasing rights to Kwantung were turned over to Japan. In 1923, when the lease under the 1898 convention expired, Japan refused to return Kwantung to China. The Kwantung Army—Japanese troops stationed in Kwantung—occupied Manchuria in 1931. In August 1945. Kwantung was liberated from the Japanese occupiers by the armed forces of the USSR and was turned over to China.


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In China, they beat Peking (3-1 in front of 80,000 as Ally Brown scored two and Cyrille Regis one), the China national team 2-0 (Brown and Cyrille Regis), Shanghai 2-0 (Regis and Laurie Cunningham) and Kwantung Province 6-0 (Regis 2, Cunningham, Wile, Mick Martin and Tony Brown).
Where the mushroom clouds over Hiroshima and Nagasaki signaled the end-point of the path chosen by the young officers of the Kwantung Army in the 1930s, the chaos and apocalyptic apprehension of post-quake and tsunami Fukushima in 2011 is the end-point of the path chosen by senior state bureaucrats and their corporate and political collaborators in the 1950s and steadily, incrementally, reinforced ever since then.
By 207 BC, Chao T'o, a Ch'in general, was able to establish a Chinese southern state that commanded the Kwantung and Kwangsi Provinces, and the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam.
The Tonkinese sub-species (Gallus gallus jabouillei) is found in North Vietnam (Tonkin), the extreme southeast of Yunnan, Kwangsi, Kwantung and Hainan.
Uchimura served as a civilian worker at the headquarters of Japan's Kwantung Army in the Manchukuo capital of Hsinking (today's Changchun), translating Russian transcripts of Habarovsk radio broadcasts prepared by Russian deserters.
British diplomatic attitudes towards Japanese economic and political activities in Korea, South Manchuria, Kwantung and Shantung, 1904-1922.
submarines and B-29 mining of the ports and major waterways, (3) the atomic bombings only three days apart, and (4) the Soviet invasion of Manchuria and destruction of the Kwantung Army.
Kwantung Army Self-Government Guidance Board, 1932 (Yamamuro, Manchuria under Japanese Dominion 81) (1) We mustn't lose
Besides kamikazes, redeployed Kwantung divisions and bamboo spears for civilians, the allies faced biological warfare.
After his assassination, Japan's Kwantung army captured the Manchurian capital at Mukden, and extended their control to the whole of Manchuria.