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Napoleon’s son dies before he can rouse the French to follow him. [Fr. Drama: L’Aiglon in Magill II, 551]
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The L'Aiglon dinnerware collection, decorated with laurel leaves, is a re-edition of a service designed in 1959 in the memory of Napoleon's birth.
An advertisement for L'Aiglon clothing from the September 1953 edition of Mademoiselle illustrates Walker's point perfectly.
It is advertisements like those for L'Aiglon clothing that seemingly haunt Plath's protagonist.
Gill Martin stayed at self-catering accommodation: 4-star Residence L'Aiglon de Morzine, booked through Erna Low.
That myth is encapsulated in the puzzle postcards of Bernhardt performing her signature roles that, when assembled, display her larger-than-life image as L'Aiglon.
I may say like Flambeau, in Rostand's L'Aiglon, I fought for glory and .
25) See Stewart & Huget, supra note 24, at 57 (commenting that the traditional protection of a product's trade dress inhered in its packaging or labeling); see also L'Aiglon Apparel, Inc.
There Marina acquired such enthusiasm for Napoleon that she translated L'Aiglon in verse, and during an Alliance Francaise course in Paris she lived on the Rue Bonaparte and saw Sarah Bernhardt in Rostand's play.