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pastoral idyll; title means the cheerful or merry one. [Br. Lit.: “L’Allegro” in Benét, 24–25]
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And before we can admire his great poem which he wrote later, we may love the beauty of L'Allegro, Il Penseroso, and Lycidas, which he wrote now.
According to the National Puzzlers League, the alternade was introduced by L'Allegro just over 100 years ago in the June 1917 edition of The Eastern Puzzler.
Teskey deals at length with L'Allegro and Il Penseroso.
Sommavilla G (1981) L'allegro nominalismo nichilistico di Eco.
s / Joshua / Drydens Ode / Jephtha / L'Allegro II Pensieroso / The Choice of Hercules
L'essence du mouvement semble, d'ailleurs, resider dans cette alternance entre le grave initial et l'allegro molto.
Back in 1988, choreographer Mark Morris created an enduring dance version of Handel's much later, allegorical L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato: here, dealing with a nymph, two shepherds, a giant, and the 18 Mark Morris Dancers, he didn't do quite so well.
A tre, a quattro, a cinque voci assieme, si sentiva cantare qua l'allegro stornello toscano, la la patetica romanza meridionale, piu lontano la canzone guerriera delle Alpi; ed altri smettere, ed altri cominciare, e mille accenti e dialetti svariati succedersi e mescolarsi.
English--Composition and Dictation with exercises in Theme writing; Shakespeare's Macbeth; Milton's L'Allegro, II Penseroso, Comus, Lycidas; Burke's Conciliation with America; Macaulay's Essays on Milton and Addison.
Que la phrase de l'allegro soit l'une des plus remarquables de la composition de Tchaikovski, impose l'idee d'un choix concerte soutenu par sa reiteration au long du film, ce qui conduit a interroger l'equivalence visuelle proposee.
I think Mark Morris's L'Allegro is one of my favourite works, a masterpiece.
Chapters 5 to 7, and the Conclusion, touch on Milton's dramas (Samson Agonistes), masques (Masque Presented at Ludlow Castle), treatises (On Education), and various other poetic works (such as L'Allegro, Lycidas, and Paradise Lost).