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L'Aquila degli Abruzzi

(lä`kwēlä dā`lyē äbro͞ot`tsē), city (1991 pop. 66,813), capital of L'Aquila prov. and of AbruzziAbruzzi
, region (1991 pop. 1,249,054), 4,167 sq mi (10,793 sq km), central Italy, bordering on the Adriatic Sea in the east. L'Aquila is the capital of the region, which is divided into Chieti, L'Aquila, Pescara, and Teramo provs. (named for their capitals).
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, central Italy, on the Pescara River. It is an agricultural and industrial center, and a summer resort. Manufactures include construction equipment, furniture, copper goods, glass, apparel, and pasta. L'Aquila is situated at the foot of the Gran Sasso d'Italia mountain group and is a popular base for mountain climbing.

Built around a castle (13th–16th cent.), it rose to importance in the 13th cent. and later became the second city of the kingdom of Naples. However, the city's influence declined during the wars of the 16th cent. Despite several devastating earthquakes and destructive air raids during World War II, L'Aquila has retained its medieval fortifications and a number of impressive old buildings, including St. Bernardino's Basilica (15th–16th cent.). The city again suffered significant widespread damage during an Apr., 2009, earthquake. There is a university in the city.

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Ultimately, Dalembert evokes two seismic convulsions taking place simultaneously in L'Aquila.
While the prosecutor in the L'Aquila case accused the committee members of "translating their scientific uncertainty into an overly optimistic message," the accused scientists claimed that they were not responsible for informing the public.
Instead a sprawling new town was raised in the outskirts of L'Aquila to house part of the 67.
While in Italy, Sarah Brown had a private audience with Pope Benedict XVI and toured L'Aquila, which was badly damaged by April's earthquake.
The Prime Minister was in L'Aquila for the G8 summit and he took time out to visit the village, which was one of the worst affected communities in the April quake.
PM's wife Sarah Brown and first lady Michelle Obama, pictured right, also toured L'Aquila, where nearly 300 died.
Al Jazeera's Alan Fisher, reporting from L'Aquila, said Friday's meeting "really does need a success on the final day if people are to say this G8 has achieved something concrete".
But he accepted that no agreement is likely today, when the Major Economies Forum brings the G8 countries together with other major carbon emitters in L'Aquila, on emission cuts for developing economies like China and India.
L'Aquila, the capital of the Abruzzo region, was hit on 6 April this year.
3-magnitude earthquake which struck the medieval city of L'Aquila and several other towns in central Italy, reducing 50 per cent of buildings in the area to piles of rubble.
NONE of us can be prepared For nature's cruel way Its violent force can strike at us If it be night or day This latest tragic episode Took Italy by surprise Hundreds dead and thousands hurt No chance to say goodbyes L'Aquila was the victim The buildings tossed and torn The earthquake took so many That dreadful Monday morn We pray for all the victims Their families and friends We can't prepare when we don't know What mother nature sends.