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C6H12O5 A deoxysugar occurring free in poison sumac, and in glycoside combination in many plants. Also known as isodulcitol.



(6-deoxy-L-mannose), a monosaccharide with the general formula C6Hl2O5 that exists in the optically active forms D-rhamnose, L-rhamnose, and racemate. Rhamnose is readily soluble in water and alcohol and participates in reactions that are characteristic of reducing sugars. The L-isomer occurs free in plants and also as a component of many plant and bacterial polysaccharides and plant glycosides. The D-isomer is only present in certain microorganic glycosides and polysaccharides.

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Pectin is a polymer of partially methoxylated alpha, 1,4 linked D-galacturonic acid that is interrupted by dispersed or alternating 1,2 linked L-rhamnose units that are linked to neutral sugars such as L-galactose and L-arabinose.
Both the sugars were identified as D- galactose and L-rhamnose through their optical rotation values [a]20 +78.
paucimobilis, the strain was positive for nitrate reductase and L-rhamnose.