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a city in Italy, in the region of Abruzzi; administrative center of the province of L’Aquila. Population, 59,300 (1970). The city has mills and a plant that produces electron tubes. Among the main architectural monuments are the Church of Santa Maria di Collemaggio (begun in 1287, 15th century portal), the Church of Santa Giusta di Bozzano (13th century), the Church of Santa Maria di Rojo (14th century), the Church of San Bernardino (15th and 16th centuries), the cathedral (13th century, rebuilt in the 18th and 19th centuries), a castle (16th century), and Renaissance and baroque style palaces. There is a regional museum in the city.

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The re-opening is a strong signal marking the return to normal life for the people of LAquila, and giving back to them an emblematic symbol of the citys economic and cultural life.
First round draw: Dulciora El Salvador v NEC Harlequins, Rugby Rovigo v Castres Olympique, Brive v Viadana, Rotherham v Narbonne, Montauban v London Irish, Beziers v Connacht, Rugby Parma v Pau, Rugby Roma v Saracens, Montpellier v Glasgow, Leonessa v Montferrand, La Moraleja Alcobendas v Newcastle Falcons, Colomiers v Petrarca Padova, LAquila Rugby v Bath, GRAN Rugby Parma v Grenoble.
Seinuk is the licensed professional engineer for Trump's condominium project at 300 Riverside South who tried to turn the trucks away but was overruled by the concrete contractor, Laquila, as is its option.
Scientists based at the University of LAquila, in Italy, and Sydney University, in Australia, have discovered that saffron, often used in pilaf, can protect against some of the most common forms of blindness.
All these elements are summarized in the acronym SHARPER - Sharing Researchers Passion for Engagement and Responsibility the name of the European Researchers Night in the Centre and South of Italy that will take place on the 30th of September 2016 and on the 29th of September 2017 simultaneously in five cities: Perugia, LAquila, Ancona and Palermo the four capital cities of the regions Marche, Umbria, Abruzzo, Sicily and in Cascina the city hosting the European Gravitational Observatory one of the cutting edge European research facilities.
Objective: The recent earthquakes that have struck Europe the last decade, LAquila (2009) and Lorca (2011) have shown that even for a moderate seismic hazard level the seismic action can cause huge personal and economic losses.
VEGETABLE INGREDIENTS-SPECIALITY (Dried/Preserved) LAquila Importers and Distributors, 8B0 Coronation Road, London NW10 7PS.