LCD panel

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LCD panel

(1) The primary component (the screen) in an LCD monitor or TV. The term panel is widely used in the LCD manufacturing industry. See LCD.

(2) An LCD monitor or TV. See LCD monitor and LCD TV.

(3) An earlier type of data projection system that required an overhead projector. Also called a "projection panel," it accepted output from the computer and displayed it on a transparent LCD screen placed on top of the projector. See data projector.

LCD Panel
LCD panels were an interim technology between the big and bulky tube projectors and today's compact LCD and DLP units. See data projector.
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Apple is reportedly planning on getting advanced LCD panels from Japan Display Inc.
8226; How has the TFT LCD panel market performed so far and how will it perform in the coming years?
Further, when this project was accepted, in order to prepare for the expansion of demand for LCD panels in China, following the production of 6th generation LCD panels, Sharp has decided to pursue discussions regarding a joint venture for the production of 8th generation LCD panels with the Nanjing-City and China Electronics Corporation ("CEC"), the parent company of CEC Panda.
Korea now enjoys higher market shares than Taiwan in China for such products as cameras & optical items, LCD panels, plastics & related products, organic chemicals, machines & related parts, steel & iron, etc.
Samsung's 46-inch transparent LCD panel features a contrast ratio of 4,500:1 with HD (1,366x768) resolution and 70% colour gamut.
subsidiary that operates an LCD panel plant in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture.
Furthermore, to strengthen the LCD panel production and LCD TV businesses in China, together with the above LCD panel project, Sharp will establish an "LCD R&D Center (hereafter "R&D Center")" to research and develop from LCD panels to LCD TVs.
To protect, the LCD panel, otherwise called the optical window instrument, and save maintenance costs, order a LCD panel cover with NSN 6650-01-519-9165.
The Graphic LCD Development Kit overcomes the difficulties in handling complex LCD panel specifications and the divergence in timing parameters and electrical connections.
Once connected, the LCD panel rests on top of an overhead projector.
This scientific, programmable calculator can also display graphics, but is most distinguished by its ability to serve double-duty as an LCD panel.
announced today that it began mass production of a 22-inch transparent LCD panel in March this year.