LCD panel

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LCD panel

(1) The primary component (the screen) in an LCD monitor or TV. The term panel is widely used in the LCD manufacturing industry. See LCD.

(2) An LCD monitor or TV. See LCD monitor and LCD TV.

(3) An earlier type of data projection system that required an overhead projector. Also called a "projection panel," it accepted output from the computer and displayed it on a transparent LCD screen placed on top of the projector. See data projector.

LCD Panel
LCD panels were an interim technology between the big and bulky tube projectors and today's compact LCD and DLP units. See data projector.
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Also debuting at CES was the Epson PowerLite Home 10 LCD projector, which allows users to project an 80-inch image from about 6.
Easy-Install Lamp and Direct Power-On - convenient features for users wanting to ceiling-mount their Canon multimedia LCD projector.
com/TUP by entering the make and model of the working LCD projector that they would like to trade in.
Connected to a PC and LCD projector, DPA provides windows navigation from the board using the electronic multimedia pen.
com/TUP and enter the make and model of the working LCD projector that they would like to trade in.
Using your PC and an LCD projector, the IPM provides onscreen software manipulation, distance learning interaction and whiteboard features that create an all-in-one classroom solution.
Now you can deter projector theft and protect your investment with Mitsubishi's XL5950 ColorView LCD projector, the first on the market with a motion-sensitive antitheft alarm.
The TLP-260 LCD Projector features a short-throw lens system that allows an educator to project clear, sharp images even in small conference rooms or where space is limited.
The DPS1 is the basic configuration flint features a LCD projector, DVD-VCR combination, video (document) camera, stereo speakers, ceiling mount unit, as well as cables, connectors, and other accessories to complete installation.
Projectors: In addition to the PJ258D ViewDock[TM] projector with integrated iPod dock--the company now supports big screen viewing of video, games and data through four DLP offerings--the PJ503D, the PJ506D, the PJ556D and the PJ588D --as well as a three-pound PJ358 LCD projector.
This portable, high-brightness XGA LCD projector weighs 12 pounds and incorporates three .
Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's Presentation Products Division, known for award-winning, high-quality presentation and display products, has introduced its XL650U, its newest high brightness LCD projector designed for business and higher education.