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In May 2004, the Department of the Navy awarded both Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics--Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine, separate contract options for final system design with options for detail design and construction of up to two LCS ships.
For example, financial services firms utilizing LCS 2005 to talk with their clients can now use CallRex to record and archive these conversations, helping ensure compliance with legal requirements such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.
The acquisition of LCS sets a new standard for rapid procurement in support of the warfighter.
Anteon will provide support to the LCS Program acquisition plan in a variety of areas including program management and acquisition, cost analysis, business and financial management, earned value management, risk management, production planning and engineering.
BSI Inspectorate's vision was clear -- design and build a lab that would enable them to grow, provide a comfortable and safe work environment for their employees and create a positive first impression among their customers," said Dennis Brewer, executive vice president and managing director of LCS.
We value both the expertise of the LCS in addition to its commitment to customer service.
The training, which will be offered at different tier levels based on the customer's proficiency, will be hosted by Rob Welsh, vice president of customer relations for LCS.
Among other things, the transaction is contingent upon the execution of a mutually acceptable acquisition agreement, the approval of LCS shareholders to increase the number of shares of Common Stock LCS is authorized to issue, the repayment of all material liabilities owed by LCS and appropriate due diligence to be conducted by both parties.
LCS allows any developer of safety critical devices the ability to leverage a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) stack that is certifiable to Level A.