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There is not yet a group of opposition parties capable of displacing the LDP in an election.
The LDP earlier sought to retake power by urging Kan to dissolve the lower house and call a general election but is now seeking to work as the DPJ's coalition partner to prioritize addressing the disaster, the lawmakers told Kyodo News.
Instead the powers of Japan's protected and domestically-oriented economic sectors continue to prevail in the electoral arena, and a refocused LDP has been the most effective party at gaining support from those sectors.
LDP President Sadakazu Tanigaki took a confrontational stance toward the government led by Prime Minister Naoto Kan, saying: ''We'll grill the DPJ-led government over its policy failures.
The LDP has been struggling to reassert itself after its historic defeat in last summer's general election and subsequent fall from power, with the public's support rates for the party remaining lower than those for the ruling Democratic Party of Japan.
Yosano was referring to former LDP Acting Secretary General Hiroyuki Sonoda who, according to Yosano, will also tender a letter of resignation to the party next week.
In addition to features demonstrated at GMU, Avici's Composite Links technology, which enables customers to dynamically aggregate up to 16 OC-192c interfaces to create 160 Gbps connections between routers, improves on LDP by providing higher levels of resiliency and link aggregation, enabling faster service provisioning.
On Friday, Yosano met with former LDP Acting Secretary General Hiroyuki Sonoda, independent lawmaker Takeo Hiranuma and former transport minister Takao Fujii, also of the LDP, over the possibility of creating a new party.
His decision echoes the sentiments of former Finance Minister Kaoru Yosano and former Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Yoichi Masuzoe, who have indicated their readiness to walk out on the LDP and form their own parties unless the LDP shakes up current party leadership under Sadakazu Tanigaki.
On Monday, he announced that he was leaving the LDP to form a new party.
April 1956 -- Prime Minister Ichiro Hatoyama, grandfather of Democratic Party of Japan President Yukio Hatoyama who was voted in as prime minister Wednesday, elected as 1st LDP president.
Ficon's Label Switching (FiLS) provides a complete MPLS solution for frame or cell based devices with support for LDP, CR-LDP, RSVP and IP Routing Protocols.