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En este contexto, es necesario desarrollar estudios de caracterizacion basica que permitan sustentar lineas base que puedan ser consideradas en el plan de manejo de la Reserva de la Biosfera El Vizcaino, para contribuir en asegurar la integridad ecologica de la LGN.
The announcement was made by LGN Entertainment President/CEO Steve Lane who says, "I'm very excited with the company partnership with Super D/Alliance Entertainment.
Al comparar la proporcion de adultos, dividida por estacion del ano y el sitio, tanto en ESSA como LGN, se observo una tendencia a la disminucion, aunque no significativa; en contraste, LOL fue el unico lugar donde las proporciones se mantuvieron constantes a lo largo del estudio, en este ultimo caso es resaltable el bajo valor de significancia de la prueba (Cuadro 1; [F.
3 million metric tons through Oman LGN Company and 3.
The company boasts the largest gas shipping fleet on the planet, made up of 45 LGN (liquefied natural gas) carriers and four LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) carriers.
LGN anal FableVision will also provide professional development workshops and gaming sessions to help teachers learn how to use the tools.
The MoU said LNG shipment will be made from Qatar to Turkey and in parallel with the agreement, a LGN facility will be established in Turkey.
Gas products output for 2008 was 593,000 tons, including 398,000 tons of LGN, 90,000 tons of gas condensate distillate, 100,000 tons of propane, and 5,000 tons of gasoline.
Supported by the LGN Street Design Awards, an annual competition that aims to promote innovation and good practice in urban street design schemes, Street Design will feature over 100 UK and international exhibiting companies showcasing products and services in the street design arena.
Key words: Nautical Chart, LGN (Liquefied National Gas), Quintero Port, Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy.
Cllr Mike Storey, with Laura Sharman, editor of LGN, and Martin Thompson, Liverpool City Council project manager