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Langage Implementation Systeme.

A predecessor of Ada developed by Ichbiah in 1973. It was influenced by Pascal's data structures and Sue's control structures. A type declaration can have a low-level implementation specification.

["The System Implementation Language LIS", J.D. Ichbiah et al, CII Honeywell-Bull, TR 4549 E/EN, Louveciennes France (Dec 1974)].

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He says LIS currently has 15 operational vehicles to protect the over 170 entry points across Liberia, noting that it causes serious embarrassment to the full operations of the service at these points.
Four patients with total LIS were able to respond "yes" or "no" merely by thinking the answers.
Patient demographic information is updated from the order message, ensuring accuracy in the LIS.
When the order is received in the LIS, a label is printed that includes at least two forms of patient ID.
As described in the first article of this series, (9) the prevalence of EHRs is increasing which, in turn, is changing the dynamics of LIS selection and control within health care organizations.
An overview of the current health literature in LIS was developed in two steps: first, a review of the literature with LIS as a broad concept was conducted, encompassing theoretical and practical pursuits and the intersections therein, regarding health-gender and health-sexual orientation topics; second, a similar review of the literature was done but where LIS was instead more narrowly viewed as it relates specifically to education.
We'd each take a profile, update it per the publication's website and other LIS reference sites, and read through each other's work to make sure they were as informational as possible.
Discussing the condition of LIS education in developing countries Asundi and Karisiddappa (2007) has observed LIS curriculum for the developing countries.
The LIS reduces plan premiums and cost-sharing for eligible beneficiaries.
All this growth in biopharmaceuticals, which requires more complex R&D processes that produce more data, will create demand for more complex data management, and specialized CROs will need to make investments in sophisticated LIS.