LP gas

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liquified petroleum gas (LPG)

A petroleum derivative, primarily butane and propane, stored under pressure to maintain its liquid state; used as a fuel for heating and cooking.
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Mr Shalila Moonesinghe Executive Chairman of the Litro Gas Lanka Ltd said that it was the previous government that purchased LP gas without even calling for tenders at higher price for the last two years from a single supplier in a questionable manner.
Those interested in learning more about YANMAR's work in the LP gas energy system industry are encouraged to attend the World LP Gas Forum in Miami, or visit yanmar.
He is also the bulk LP Gas and Autogas marketing manager for Repsol in Spain.
Soot-free exhaust has made LP gas an increasingly popular choice in recent years for operations involving inside working near to personnel, or where loads such as paper or textiles can be easily marked.
Ms Marsden, who is call centre manager for LP Gas in Maelor, near Wrexham, has completed her Level 4 in call centre management and Longden of Bickenhill is training five other members of the team to NVQ 3 level in customer service.
A 330-megawatt LP gas electrical generation plant in the Dominican Republic.
The oven is fired by natural gas or vaporized LP gas.
The changes are expected to lower the cost of LP gas to consumers by about 15% initially.
In many LP gas explosions, the victims are killed or suffer permanent disfigurement.
Supply of natural or LP gas to the panels is controlled by servovalves once sensors have determined that panels are up to heat.