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A PL/I interpreter for IBM PCs and workstations.


E-mail: <rcg@lpi.liant.com>.


(Lines Per Inch) The number of lines printed in a vertical inch.
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It has been found that LPI providers are not always timely in their correction and reimbursement of an error.
LPI is providing us a phenomenal opportunity to reach cloud evangelists, influencers and consumers and helping us expand the community of Cloud subject matter experts by making our signature experiential hands-on training accessible to everyone.
Government and Military markets," said Billy Jones, Chief Operating Officer of LPI.
The LPI is a multidimensional assessment of logistics performance, rated on a scale from one (worst) to five (best).
In addition, the Elantra LPI Hybrid is a mild--type hybrid capable with a fuel economy rating of 17.
LPI Online is an interactive tool designed to administer the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)--a 360-degree leadership assessment instrument created by Kouzes and Posner.
Peter Shakalis of GVA Williams represented LPI in the lease negotiations.
Globally, over 7000 LPI certification exams have been delivered since 2000.
Duracell's latest invention--the LPI battery--is basically a slimmer version of the classic 1.
to transform the language-learning process into a completely interactive and participatory experience," said LPI president Robert Miner.
Joining LPI in 1992, Schenk finally had access to the kind of computing power needed to enhance, remap, and properly align Voyager images that might lend themselves to stereo views.
LinePipe LPI further simplifies logistics and lowers costs