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tells the story of LSOs from the first carrier operations in 1922 through World War II, the early jet era, Korea, Vietnam, and up to today's nuclear-powered leviathans.
No significant difference was found for DM and CP intakes among groups; however, the animals supplemented with LSO tended to have greater concentrate and CP intake than those fed the PO diets (p = 0.
OpenLSO is an orchestration ecosystem that enables a reference implementation of open source solutions and interfaces that adheres to the MEF LSO Reference Architecture & Framework (MEF 55).
The combination of LSO and Express creates the largest regional parcel carrier in the southern United States and completes an important expansion strategy for LSO, it said.
Parents and guardians of children who used toothpaste LSO, reported an improvement in the breath of the children after 5 days of treatment.
Leading LSO providers are steeped in cost management and delivery timetables.
Properly train the staff: The LSO should ensure all staff members, including volunteers and students, are trained in security measures.
The LSO is responsible for making sure the landing environment is safe for the aircraft to land.
Methods of acid-base separation [18] and extrography [19] were used to decompose LSO and SLTCT into acid, base and five neutral fractions.
Many LSO members have said that, having recorded music for the ceremony, they did not expect to have to attend the actual event - and called the 'miming' plan a waste of money.
UNDER the baton of the highly regarded conductor Sir John Eliot Gardiner, the LSO tackled the breadth of Beethoven's talents by performing the First and Ninth Symphonies.
LSO was found to result in a significantly shorter number of treatment days than MC or LSR.