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(Linear Tape Open) A family of open magnetic tape standards developed by HP, IBM and Quantum (formerly the Certance subsidiary of Seagate) that are licensed to third-party vendors. LTO cartridges contain a memory that stores historical usage data. Although LTO was introduced with a native capacity of only 100GB, multi-terabyte tapes followed. Starting with LTO-3, write once-read many (WORM) support was added, and LTO-4 built in hardware encryption (see table below). See WORM.

LTO Is Ultrium
In 1998, two formats were announced: a single-hub Ultrium, like DLT cartridges, and a dual-hub Accelis, similar to Magstar MP. Sharing read/write head, track layout and other features, the single-hub Ultrium was accepted, while Accelis never took off. For information, visit See DLT and Magstar MP.

An LTO (Ultrium) Cartridge
The single-hub Ultrium is the only LTO format, and LTO and Ultrium are synonymous.

LTO UltriumGeneration    Native         Hardware  (year)     Capacity  WORM  Encryption

  LTO-1 (2000)  100GB
  LTO-2 (2003)  200GB
  LTO-3 (2005)  400GB      X
  LTO-4 (2007)  800GB      X       X

  LTO-5 (2010)  1.5TB      X       X
  LTO-6 (2012)  2.5TB      X       X
  LTO-7 (2016)  6.0TB      X       X
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Based on a July 9, 2003 report by Gartner Dataquest titled "2003 Tape Automation Systems Forecasts," more than twice as many LTO tape libraries were shipped in large automation solutions in 2002 as compared to libraries based on DLT/SDLT.
In addition, the LTO Ultrium generation 6 format includes partitioning functionality, enabling users to present a tape-based file system with the use of the Linear Tape File System (LTFS).
Prior to LTO, the market was dominated by single-source, proprietary technologies that posed serious concerns for the large system and server OEMs selling them.
The Magnum 1x7 LTO Tape Autoloader is available immediately through the Apple Store and through Exabyte's global distribution and reseller networks.
As LTO tape evolves with greater capacity, speed and functionality, it will take on an even greater critical data protection role for an even wider array of applications," said Sanjay Tripathi, Director and Business Line Executive, IBM Data Protection and Retention Systems.
The Tandberg 420 LTO is designed, developed and manufactured by its associate company Tandberg Storage.
SDLT and LTO Ultrium 2 media both incorporate new cartridge shells designed to withstand high-volume use in robotic libraries.
The LTO Ultrium format Generation 2 is designed to provide storage capacity of up to 400GB compressed (assuming a 2:1 compression), and data transfer speeds of up to 80MB/s compressed.
Licensing specifications for the LTO Ultrium Generation 6 tape drive mechanisms and media are planned to be available in August, 2012.
Based on the Ultrium format of LTO technology, these enterprise-class drives provide affordable data protection to medium and large businesses.
As data storage media suppliers successfully pass the LTO Program's compliance testing process for LTO Ultrium format-based tape drives, IT managers benefit from unmatched storage options for the LTO Ultrium format Generation 2," said Barry Rudolph, Vice President, Tape Storage Systems, IBM Corporation.
So look for LTO and DLT tape technologies to win most of the DDS upgrade market.