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(Linear Tape Open) A family of open magnetic tape standards developed by HP, IBM and Quantum (formerly the Certance subsidiary of Seagate) that are licensed to third-party vendors. LTO cartridges contain a memory that stores historical usage data. Although LTO was introduced with a native capacity of only 100GB, multi-terabyte tapes followed. Starting with LTO-3, write once-read many (WORM) support was added, and LTO-4 built in hardware encryption (see table below). See WORM.

LTO Is Ultrium
In 1998, two formats were announced: a single-hub Ultrium, like DLT cartridges, and a dual-hub Accelis, similar to Magstar MP. Sharing read/write head, track layout and other features, the single-hub Ultrium was accepted, while Accelis never took off. For information, visit See DLT and Magstar MP.

An LTO (Ultrium) Cartridge
The single-hub Ultrium is the only LTO format, and LTO and Ultrium are synonymous.

LTO UltriumGeneration    Native         Hardware  (year)     Capacity  WORM  Encryption

  LTO-1 (2000)  100GB
  LTO-2 (2003)  200GB
  LTO-3 (2005)  400GB      X
  LTO-4 (2007)  800GB      X       X

  LTO-5 (2010)  1.5TB      X       X
  LTO-6 (2012)  2.5TB      X       X
  LTO-7 (2016)  6.0TB      X       X
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Built with ExaBotics, Exabyte's patented and award-winning robotics systems recognized worldwide for reliability, the 221L offers hassle-free set-up and operation, robust features, and the enhanced performance of LTO-3 technology and native Fibre Channel connectivity.
Quantum has the broadest product offerings in the segment with the value-oriented DLT VS products positioned against AIT and 4mm DAT in SMB environments, the SDLT products, which go head-to-head against LTO, and now LTO-2 and LTO-3 drives as a result of its acquisition of Certance.
LTO will read LTO-3 tapes and read/write LTO-4 and LTO-5 tapes.
4 TB of native capacity and data transfer speed of up to 187 GB per hour with one Ultrium LTO-2 drive and seven tape cartridges, and it will soon be available with Ultrium LTO-3, which will double the Magnum 1x7's capacity and speed.
New StorageLoader, the Industry's First 1U Tape Autoloader With LTO-3, Offers Enhanced Capacity and Performance With 6.
The new features, which will be offered initially with libraries deploying the new LTO-3 generation tape drives, will allow users to make the Scalar 100 appear to software applications as up to three separate libraries.
The SME or remote location library is available in LTO-2 and LTO-3 configurations.
With LTO-3 technology, ADIC tape libraries now offer single-library capacities of up to 10 petabytes and maximum combined data transfer rates of up to 50 TB per hour.
street price) with a single native FC LTO-3 drive and one 12-cartridge magazine that delivers speeds of 576 GB/hour1 and total capacity of 9.
The Spectra T24 library with two half-height LTO-3 drives transfers compressed data at 240 MB/sec throughput and provides a capacity of up to 19 TB.
The library is available in three configurations consisting of a single LTO-2 half-height SCSI drive, a single LTO-3 full-height SCSI drive, or a single LTO-3 full height Fibre Channel (FC) tape drive, along with four cartridge magazines that can hold a total of 48 LTO tape cartridges.
The Magnum 224 Fibre Channel LTO Tape Library with one LTO-3 FC drive and one 12-cartridge magazine is available now from Exabyte resellers for $7850, and additional 12-cartridge magazines are available for $350 (estimated U.