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Viewed in this fashion, connectivity does not have a specific definition, but is defined in a system's ability to support network protocols such as TCP/IP, LU6.
A direct data communications link from the PC LAN running the judgment processing software to PMI's IBM AS/400 computer was implemented using IBM's LU6.
At the time the online graphical user interface is introduced, WLN will migrate to the SDLC telecommunications and LU6.
Thsi approach is used in IBM's CICS TP monitor, using SNA LU6.
Prebuilt host adapters for numerous systems including MQ Series, LU0, LU6.
NetShuttle runs Microsoft's Windows 2000 Server and includes Microsoft's Host Integration Server 2000 to provide support for 3270, TN3270, and LU6.
Enhanced speed: real-time access to CICS and IMS applications over SNA LU0, LU2 and LU6.
Connectors support the most widely used legacy environments and include: LU2 (3270 or 5250) and LU6.
It allows existing customers to migrate off of SNA LU6.
CONNECT:Direct supports secure, mission-critical, peer-to-peer transfers through standard protocols, including TCP/IP, SNA, LU6.
NetSoft Custom Software Division's expertise encompasses all SNA protocols including the 3270, 5250, and 3770/RJE, the LU6.
Apertus EXPRESS is a complete family of advanced SNA software products for network integration, including TN3270, terminal and printer emulation, EHLLAPI, APPN, and LU6.