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When mated with ASG's SC-100 industrial LVDT DIN-rail-mountable signal conditioner, an LA-25-A LVDT becomes an ideal solution for heavy duty industrial applications for position sensing.
For installations where there are multiple LVDT position sensors, the SC-100s can be master/slaved to prevent beat frequency interaction between sensor signals.
The close electrical coupling between the coil and the core allows these compact LVDTs to offer high output sensitivity, providing a sufficient signal to interface with nearly all signal conditioning circuits.
ball joints, extension rods, holddown clamps, and tie bars for dual-mounted LVDTs
When users get the gage, they set minimum and maximum values for the LVDTs," Mr Stout explains.
Schaevitz LLC Alliance Sensors Group has expanded its line of industrial LVDTs with the addition of the LA-21-A series.
The ANR2 expands up to six 2-channel modules, allowing users to interface up to 12 LVDT or RVDT sensors using a single network connection.
The razor cartridge is mounted with the blade edges exposed upward on a motorized slide fixture that moves the blade under a lever-style LVDT gage probe.
Designed for testing plastics and other materials, WINCCS II is said to replace outdated temperature controllers, LVDT signal conditioners and data acquisition systems.
Natural frequencies measured on each joist in floor system 1 with impact forcing function and LVDT at different locations.
The indentor mounting is frictionless and its position is sensed by an LVDT, providing the instrument with a resolution better than 0.