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This makes an LVDT perform well as a null position sensor in closed-loop control systems and high-performance servo balance instruments.
In the past, AC-operated LVDT linear and RVDT rotary position sensors were fairly difficult to calibrate with traditional signal conditioners because they required an operator to adjust trimmer pots and/or set jumpers.
Two LVC-2500 modules can be connected together, along with a pair of LVDT gaging probes, to measure differential dimensions, thicknesses, and average height of products in SPC and other quality-control applications.
The CellMite LVDT features nonvolatile memory for parameter and calibration storage.
com/) is an LVDT and RVDT sensor manufacturing company offering engineering and application support in solving specific measurement challenges within the power generation, hydraulic, industrial and OEM industries.
The 3U cPCI- and PXl-compatible CP3000 Universal Synchro, Re-solver, and LVDT Converter provides up to eight channels of individually transformer-isolated and individually programmable sensor input.
The grant will help the LVDT create a thirdgeneration artificial grass pitch.
The Foundation's grant will help the LVDT to create an artificial grass pitch and two grass football pitches with changing facilities at the pounds 1.
Macro Sensors are specialists in the manufacture of LVDT-based linear position sensors with the capability to design high-pressure and seawater resistant LVDTs for incorporation into sub-sea measurement systems used to monitor the structural integrity of offshore platforms and pipelines.