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lightweight concrete

Concrete of substantially lower density than that made from gravel or crushed stone; usually made with lightweight aggregate or by injecting air or gas into the mortar.
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The air temperature was 46[degrees] F and there were still no cracks on the LWC deck, Ozyildirim and Moruza note.
Columbia Lighting's LPT Premium Lensed Striplight matches the LWC (LED) and WC (fluorescent) in appearance and is the perfect replacement for outdated fluorescent fixtures.
Oman joins Brazil as the only counA[degrees] try in the world to host all three classes of the championships and is the only country in the Middle East to win the bid to host the LWC.
Competition details from LWC Stockton via 07970 280479.
Founded on the belief that wildlife conservation cannot succeed unless people issues are addressed, the LWC is being developed as a pilot for Born Free's 'People and Wildlife' (PAW) Concept.
Consequently, it comes as no surprise that the LWC functions as a lobby within the Liberal Party.
In LWC and Ken, I have found a firm and visionary committed to outstanding design," said William Buscaglia.
Outsourcing' is where firms take advantage of both the low-wage costs of the LWCs and modern production techniques - where the process of manufacturing a product can be broken-down into numerous discrete activities - by moving the low-skill-intensive parts of production abroad to the LWCs but continue to carry out the high-skill-intensive activities themselves.
With technology replacing previously manual data-mining and analysis, we can better stop fraudsters from shortchanging the state," said Curt Eysink, LWC Executive Director.
The cup will now be called the LCB Knockout Cup supported by LWC.
Speakers include Dr Paul Knaggs from Wales Fertility Institute, Dr Hemlata Thackare from LWC Cardiff, and fertility author Jessica Hepburn.
It is the intent of the enclosed specifications to provide LWC with a Fixed