LZW compression

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NET has been supporting the feature to convert PDF to TIF using LZW compression and then with the use of AForge, Binarization can be applied.
Along with MATLAB, this edition includes GNU Octave and Python, as well as new images, redrawn diagrams, and new discussions of edge-preserving blurring filters, ISODATA thresholding, Radon transform, corner detection, the retinex algorithm, LZW compression, and other topics.
DH-LZW: lossless data hiding method in LZW compression, PCM2004, LNCS vol.
A more powerful version of HE is called LZW compression after its developers Abraham Lempel, Jacob Ziv and Terry Welch.
Nearly as useful is the TIFF format, which can be saved either uncompressed or with the lossless LZW compression method.
The LZW compression algorithm used in the GIF format is owned by Unisys, and is licensed to OriginLab.
Angela Finet, Millstar's project leader for EEM 1997, said, "We had to find a new compression technology since Unisys began enforcing their patent on TIFF LZW compression, which is what we used last year.
ACM 30, 6 (June 1987), 520-540), is puzzling in its fleeting dismissal of LZW compression and the UNIX compress program derived from it.
The authors fault LZW compression and compress for not providing a clear separation between model and coding.