La Laguna

Laguna, La

(lä lägo͞o`nä), city (1990 pop. 118,548), on Teneriffe island, Canary Islands. The center of a fertile farm area producing cereals, grapes, fruits, and vegetables, it is also a tourist resort. The Univ. of San Fernando is there.
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He completed a PhD in philology at the University of Barcelona in 1977, directed the magazines Literradura and Syntaxis, and is currently professor of Spanish literature at the University of La Laguna.
The obtained PCR products were purified and sequenced by using a MEGABACE 1000 Automatic Sequencer (Healthcare Biosciences, Barcelona, Spain) in the University of La Laguna Sequencing Service (SEGAI, University of La Laguna).
Scientists from MIT and the University of La Laguna in Spain identified human fecal remains from El Salt, a known site of Neanderthal occupation in southern Spain that dates back 50,000 years.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers from Iran University of Science and Technology in association with researchers from University of La Laguna, Spain, succeeded in the production of glass ceramic nanocomposite with the ability to convert infrared waves into visible ones.
Such is the intent of this study, where we interweave multiple lines of data to identify a central structure at the archaeological site of La Laguna as having served mixed storage, feasting and residential functions.
Visits to the UNESCO listed town of La Laguna & the Botanical Garden of La Oratava ?
The linked cities of Santa Cruz and La Laguna are a hotbed of history, museums, galleries and urban parks.
of La Laguna, Spain) explore that branch of calculus that deals with the study of so-called fractional order integral and derivative operators over real or complex domains and their applications.
Hasta el momento solo se han reportado individuos de Caiman crocodilus para la laguna Cabrera [Tunapuri, como se denomina actualmente] (Parker 1926, Castro 1987) y algunas quebradas (Medem 1926, 1979), pero no se habian realizado conteos en la laguna La Ayantuna.
Summary: The University of La Laguna in Tenerife, one of the largest and most populous of the seven Canary Islands, will hold a series of intensive private lessons to learn Moroccan Arabic between March 21 and March 27.
AND FOR Orpen Haras du Thenney shuttler pulled off a major Group 1 double on the prestigious San Isidro card in Argentina on Saturday as the sire of winning three-year-old fillies La Laguna Azul (Gran Premio Copa de Plata, 1m2f) and Dona Ley (Gran Premio Felix de Alzaga Unzue, 5f).
The Riviera Maya package includes accommodation, bird-watching boat tours, use of BMW bikes, and a meal and beverage service including buffet and a la carte menus for all meals for two adults at La Laguna, Las Brisas, the Lobby Lounge and the hotel's beach and pool bars.