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As part of the competition, TORC Technologies created a set of LabVIEW tools for Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS), an autonomous ground vehicle standard for passing messages and status information between various vehicle subsystems.
LabVIEW provides the ability to configure the new NI WSN platform with a drag-and-drop programming environment for performing analysis as well as extracting and presenting measurement data.
With the LabVIEW Statechart Module, which is based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML) standard, developers can design applications at a higher level of abstraction than previously possible.
Additionally, the new C Interface to LabVIEW FPGA makes it possible for developers to use C/C++ to program the real-time processor of a PXI system or a processor on a PC running Microsoft Windows and interface to the LabVIEW FPGA code running on an NI FlexRIO or a PXI/Compact PCI/PCI NI R Series FPGA I/O device.
The latest version of the LabVIEW Embedded Module for Blackfin Processors adds support for the ADSP-BF54X family of processors, which provide on-chip peripheral interfaces for several user interface elements such as a keypad, scroll wheel and touch panel display.
The LabVIEW Unit Test Framework and LabVIEW Desktop Execution Trace toolkits are designed to automate and improve common software engineering tasks.
Truchard highlighted real-world examples of how LabVIEW combined with multicore processors provides high-performance computation and I/O capabilities for test, control and design, such as how researchers at the Max-Planck-Institut fur Plasmaphysik obtained a 20 times processing speed increase on an octal-core processor machine over a single processor.
The inherent parallelism of LabVIEW also makes it an ideal platform for developing FPGA applications.
The seminars begin with a technical presentation in which NI engineers and LabVIEW developers demonstrate the new features and various modules in LabVIEW 7 Express and show attendees how to integrate these new capabilities into their measurement and automation applications.
To participate in the program, companies can download the Compatible with LabVIEW Guidelines from www.
With the release of LabVIEW 7 Express, we are closing the gap between easy and powerful, bringing an exceptional level of productivity and performance to engineers at all experience levels and in all areas of measurement and automation.
The driver interface touch panel ran LabVIEW and incorporated a rear back up camera using NI-IMAQ for USB Cameras software.