Labor Force

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Labor Force


the total number of people who are physically capable of adequately participating in social labor. Owing to different socioeconomic conditions, the age limits defining the labor force in a country are in practice bound up with certain traditions and legal norms, that is, qualifications pertaining to, for example, age or education.

The percentage of the total population in the labor force depends on the population’s age structure. While in developing countries less than 50 percent of the population is in the labor force, the figure in developed capitalist countries reaches 65 percent. In worldwide statistics, it is accepted practice to take the years 15 and 64 as the lower and upper age limits. As of 1970, the labor force defined by these limits constituted 58.2 percent of the world population.

The concept of the labor force is close to that of labor resources, but the latter term takes into consideration not only age but also such factors as skills, qualifications, and the number of people in various occupations.


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The labor force projections are estimated by combining population projections calculated by the U.
But the contributions of the increases in the male and female labor force have been far from equal.
In sum, the bad omen view interprets the recent declines in labor force participation as suggestive of a very weak labor market and discounts the signal coming from recent faster-than-expected declines in unemployment.
The results of the survey also revealed that the percentage of the educated among the population in the Kingdom within the labor force stood at 98,6 % and the rate of educated among males reached 98,3 % compared to 99.
That migration added tremendous talent to our labor force and made New Hampshire an attractive location for many businesses looking to employ skilled workers.
Total labor force growth is expected to be about 0.
Taking a closer look, what are the yearly average labor force participation rates among working-age individuals when examined by gender during the 2009-2012 time frame?
The study, which started collecting data in January 2012 revealed that the labor force in the Kingdom for those aged 15 years and above was almost 10 million, representing 53.
Since 1982, there have been only seven times the labor force has dropped between an October and a November, and only three times has the drop been even close to this steep," he wrote almost exactly a year ago.
We can get a sense of how unexpected the recent path of the labor force participation rate was by comparing it to recent projections by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).
The share of housewives is an obstacle to use advantage of the whole labor force of Turkey having as the production factor.
In times of economic uncertainty as well as in times of stability, policymakers and the public rely on labor force statistics, such as the unemployment rate, to provide important information on the current state of the economy.