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The double-bladed axe of Crete, often used as a symbol for the Moon Goddess because of the double crescent of the blades. At Delphi the priests were known as labryadae or "axe-bearers." At Crete, the mazelike layout beneath the palace of Knossos was known as the labyrinth, or "House of the Double Axe." It was the home of the Minotaur or "Moon Bull." The labyrinth was not actually a maze in that it had only one path.

Today the sign of the labrys is used by many feminist Witches and is often worn as a talisman or as Circle jewelry.

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Representatives of Labris approached Jenish Moldokmatov then and asked to leave the territory of the cafe to talk about what they want.
Representative of Labris claimed that no wedding was held or planned to be held.
O felicia oscula labris impressa lactentis cum inter crebra indicia reptantis infantie verus ex te filius tibi matri alluderet verus ex Patre tibi Dominus imperaret.
O felicia oscula lactentis labris impressa, cum inter crebra indicia reptantis infantiae; utpote verus ex te filius tibi matri alluderet; cum verus ex Patre Deus Dei unigenitus imperaret
This incident is not the first in the history of the organization - the human rights activists were repeatedly subjected to threats of physical violence, and the office was attacked with flying stones," commented the situation Labris.
However, Labris does not intend to seek protection in the law enforcement agencies of the country, explaining that the police is itself a source of violence for LGBTIQ communities.
cilo est acumenata fronte, chilo autem labris eminentibus Graeca figuracione dictum], Brugnoli is wrong to link the first cilo with scopulus and to athetize the second.
1080-1150), monje frances de principios del XII, reporta la misma definicion de racemus que el Glossarium Bruxellense en sus Commentarii in Isaiam 1, 5, 2 (PL 131, 71 c): <<labrusca quippe racemus agrestis est et uocatur labrusca quia in labris terrae nascitur>>.
We declare the given website has nothing to do with Labris and, of course, can't be the official page of numerous and different LGBT groups in Kyrgyzstan," the NGO declared.
The website was created recently - on October 23, 2014, Labris said with reference to WHOIS.
The campaign is organized by such public organizations as Labris, Nazik Kyz, Kyrgyz Indigo, Equal Opportunities (Tajikistan), Pathfinder, Art Activ (UK), Bishkek Feminist Collective SQ and Anti-AIDS Association.