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Greece: see LaconiaLaconia
or Lacedaemon
, ancient region, S Peloponnesus, Greece, bounded on the W by Messenia and on the N by Arcadia and Argolis. On the Eurotas (now Evrotás), the principal river, stood Sparta, the capital.
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As for Telemachus, now that he is your guest, send him to Lacedaemon in a chariot, and let one of your sons go with him.
Both of them kept sending messages to Lacedaemon, to the house of wise Tyndareus, Oebalus' son, and they offered many bridal-gifts, for great was the girl's renown, brazen.
The good order of Lacedaemon is due to Lycurgus, and many other cities great and small have been similarly benefited by others; but who says that you have been a good legislator to them and have done them any good?
Food and essentials can be taken to the home of Maria Andreou, a volunteer, at 11 Lacedaemon Street, Strovolos.
3); [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ('and they were sending envoys from among themselves to Lacedaemon and were eager to make peace .