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(Ladakhis, Ladaki, Ladakis), a people living in Ladakh in the northeastern part of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Population, more than 56,000 (1971 census).

In anthropological terms, the Ladakhi are Mongoloids. The Ladakhi language is related to the Sino-Tibetan family. The religion of the majority of the Ladakhi is Lamaism. The La-dakhi’s livelihood comes mostly from agriculture in the river valleys and livestock raising in the mountainous regions. Until the middle of the 20th century, the transit trade between India and such Central Asian countries as China, Mongolia, and Tibet played an important role in the economy of the Ladakhi. They led caravans and owned the trans-shipping points. The material culture of the Ladakhi is similar to that of the Tibetans. Social relations remain feudal and feudal-patriarchal. Alongside monogamy, fraternal polyandry is somewhat common. The land and other property is inherited by the eldest son.


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Sometimes the priest brought it; sometimes a Ladakhi trader, lodging in the village, and anxious to get merit, trudged up the path; but, more often, it was the woman who had cooked the meal overnight; and she would murmur, hardly above her breath.
I come as Ladakhi trader - oh, anything - and I say to you: "You want to buy precious stones?
There he found that the Ladakhi Kashmiri goats produced very soft wool.
During the short summer months and early autumn, a few travellers come and stay with the families to experience the traditional Ladakhi lifestyle and way of life.
Tsering pours some hot Ladakhi tea for me and a small wooden bowl of chaang (local beer made from barley) for himself; a few kittens jump into his lap as soon as he sits down.
Their topics include mindfulness on the move: a translocative analysis of global mindfulness flows, East and West in the kaleidoscope of transculturality: the discursive production of the Kundalini as a new ontological object within and beyond Orientalist dichotomies, Christianity and positive psychology: whether "Western" spiritual practices are conquering the Chinese spirit, Young Buddhism: analyzing transcultural currents of religion among Ladakhi Buddhist youth in India, and finding it: echoes of America in Taiwan's New Age.
Shaista from Kupwara shared a Kashmiri song, while Stanzin from Ladakh came up with a Ladakhi song and even Hilal and Faisal joined the fun, while the officials and other students clapped and sang together.
Ladakhi engineer Sonam Wangchuk was certain that access to water in the desert landscapes around many high-altitude towns and villages of Ladakh could be improved if the huge seasonal outflows of glacial water could somehow be frozen.
After our grueling trek, we sought refuge in homestays with Ladakhi families in their homes of sun-dried mudbricks and stone walls adorned with yak's hair and horns.
What struck my attention more was an inscription on the building, which is a Ladakhi saying - "The land is so barren and the passes so high that only the best of friends or the fiercest of enemies would want to visit us".
More than 170 Ladakhi women attended the inauguration ceremony as part of representatives from various villages of Ladakh," Udhampur- based defence spokesman said.
Mongol invasions devastated Kashmir but it was prince Rinchana, a Ladakhi Buddhist, who seized power in Kashmir after deceitfully killing the king Rama Chandra.