Ada Lovelace

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Ada Lovelace
BirthplaceLondon, England

Ada Lovelace

(1811-1852) The daughter of Lord Byron, who became the world's first programmer while cooperating with Charles Babbage on the design of his mechanical computing engines in the mid-1800s.

The language Ada was named after her.

["Ada, Enchantress of Numbers Prophit of the Computer Age", Betty Alexandra Toole].

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Limor Fried, AKA Lady Ada, founder of Adafruit Industries, has been using CadSoft EAGLE for a number of years and commented: "For my desktop computer, I depend on CadSoft EAGLE.
Grand old lady Ada Hawkes raised a glass with friends and relatives to celebrate her 100th birthday.
Admiral Robert Fitzroy, who introduced storm warnings and was the father of the modern British Met office; Lady Ada Lovelace, who was the daughter of Lord Byron and did a lot of the early programmes for Charles Babbage and his analytical engine so, in effect, she was the mother of computer programming.