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, Ger. Laibach, city (1991 pop. 267,008), capital of Slovenia, on the Sava River. An industrial and transportation center, it has industries that manufacture textiles, paper, chemicals, and electronics.
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, Slovenia.
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Traavik refiere a Proceso que "la presentacion ante mil 500 personas de la banda eslovena Laibach, el 19 de agosto pasado en el Ponghwa Art Theatre de la capital Pyongyang, capto una enorme atencion mediatica internacional".
Such practices led to Laibach being banned and some of NSK's members being thrown into prison.
Christiane Laibach was born in Hofheim am Taunus on 9 November, 1961.
El manifiesto Laibach Kunst llamaba en cambio al "principio de rechazo consciente de gustos personales, juicios, convicciones" y a la "libre despersonalizacion, voluntaria aceptacion del rol de la ideologia".
author, with a question, even though Naked Lunch, like Laibach,
As a member of the estates of Carniola in the Diet at Laibach, Grun was a critic of the Austrian government, and after 1848 he represented the district of Laibach briefly at the German national assembly at Frankfurt.
It discusses the former Yugoslavian context from the 1970s through the 1990s including independence for Slovenia and the alternative culture movements that arose, such as punk, the group Laibach, the visual artists IRWIN, and the alternative movement NSK (Neue Slowenische Kunst).
One of their big influences was the 1980s punk band Laibach (the German name for Slovenia's capital in the Middle Ages).
It was primarily as an opera conductor that Reiner's career began in Laibach (now Ljubljana), in Budapest, and at the Saxon State Opera in Dresden, where he was greatly influenced in his conducting style by Arthur Nikisch and Richard Strauss.
Using similar methods of parodic identification with the totalitarian cultural icons and media manipulation, they became known in the West through the "musical" part of the movement, the new wave rock group Laibach.
In No Fire Escape in Hell, a stage performance from the same year, Laibach performed while policemen patrolled the stage, discovering a dressed-in-drag Clark's true gender and adjudicating against it by "arresting" him.