Lake Victoria

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Victoria, Lake,


Victoria Nyanza

(nēăn`zə, nī–), largest lake of Africa and the world's second largest freshwater lake, c.26,830 sq mi (69,490 sq km), E central Africa, on the Uganda-Tanzania-Kenya border. Lake Victoria (c.255 mi/410 km long and c.155 mi/250 km wide) occupies a shallow depression (c.250 ft/75 m deep) on the Equatorial Plateau (alt. 3,725 ft/1,135 m) between two arms of the Great Rift ValleyGreat Rift Valley,
geological fault system of SW Asia and E Africa. It extends c.3,000 mi (4,830 km) from N Syria to central Mozambique. The northernmost extension runs S through Syria and Lebanon, the Jordan valley, the Dead Sea, and the Gulf of Aqaba.
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. It has an irregular shoreline and many small islands. Numerous streams, including the Kagera River, feed Lake Victoria, which is one of the chief headwater reservoirs of the Nile; the Victoria Nile drains the lake to the north. At the Nalubaale (Owen Falls) and Kiira dams on the Victoria Nile the lake's waters are used to generate hydroelectricity. The lake basin is densely populated and intensely cultivated, and the lake is an important fishery, but fish stocks and diversity have declined since the 1980s as a result of overfishing and the introduction of the Nile perch. Control of the Migingo IslandsMigingo Islands,
small, rocky islands in Lake Victoria, E Africa, off Kenya north of the Tanzanian border. The group consists of Migingo, Ugingo, and Pyramid Island. According to a boundary set by the British colonial powers in 1926, the islands are in Kenya, but the waters
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 and the surrounding fishing grounds has been a contentious issue between Uganda and Kenya in recent years. The lake has also suffered uncontrolled water hyacinth proliferation. Ships regularly call at lakeside towns, including Entebbe, Mwanza, Bukoba, and Kisumu. The first European to see Lake Victoria (originally called Ukerewe) was John SpekeSpeke, John Hanning
, 1827–64, English explorer in Africa. He joined Sir Richard Burton in his expeditions to Somaliland (1854) and to E central Africa (1857–59).
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, the British explorer, in 1858; Henry StanleyStanley, Sir Henry Morton,
1841–1904, Anglo-American journalist, explorer, and empire builder, b. Denbigh, Wales. He grew up in poverty and came to America as a worker on a ship, which he jumped (1858) in New Orleans.
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 explored the region in 1875.
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Based on the FCR, Growth rate and PER, the findings indicate that the best performing strain was Lake Victoria strain followed by Lake Kyoga Strain and finally Kayumbu strain.
One photograph in the book shows a plaque above the Ripon Falls at the northern end of Lake Victoria, which overlooks where the Victoria Nile begins its outflow from the lake towards its far-off delta in Egypt.
Sang noted with that malaria prevalence was still high in Lake Victoria basin where it stood at around 38 percent, adding that there was need to put more efforts in fighting it.
They will help remove the crew house and deck equipment for a 520-mile journey overland to Lake Victoria.
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David Kalenuik, President and CEO of Lake Victoria expressed; "Based on the stage of development that the Company is at we will truly benefit with Dr.
The Kagera River, which flows into Lake Victoria near the Tanzanian town of Bukoba, is the longest feeder, although sources do not agree on which is the longest tributary of the Kagera and hence the most distant source of the Nile itself.
2000)) common in Lake Victoria but not found in Lake George, illustrating the connection to the former lake and its diversifying Haplochromis species flock.
Since then a great deal of work has been done in the Ndhiwa area of western Kenya, on the shores of Lake Victoria, starting with the creation and equipping of a community hospital with laboratory and mortuary facilities, building new schools.
Retired doctor John Philip and his wife Chris heard about the plight of families in Mwanza on the shores of Lake Victoria in Tanzania, while attending an International Rotary Conference in San Deigo.